Planning a move to the Sonoran Desert or Arizona’s High Deserts? Here is what you’ll want to know about the Arizona Climate. ARIZONA CLIMATE AND FUN FACTS TOPOGRAPHIC FEATURES Arizona covers 113,909 square miles, and has about 350 square miles of water surface. The Arizona climate variation have three main topographical areas: A high plateau in the northwest averaging between 4,000 and 6,000 feet in elevation A mountainous region oriented southeast to northwest with maximum

Interesting Facts About the Sonoran Desert

Planning a Move to Arizona? Here are interesting facts about the life in the Sonoran Desert, enjoy! How big is the Sonoran Desert? Pretty big. The Sonoran desert spans parts of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. It is the wettest, hottest, and most bio diverse desert in North America, where it occurs naturally in the states of California and Arizona in the USA, and Baja California, Sinaloa and Sonora in Mexico. The Sonoran

Getting A Mortgage On A Second Home / Vacation Property

So many folks are in the Vacation Rental business right now, it makes getting a high dollar on your unit harder to accomplish. But if you are wanting that vacation home for personal use anyway, having it be an income property as well makes a lot of sense. – Marcella Getting A Mortgage On A Second Home / Vacation Property Source: Getting A Mortgage On A Second Home / Vacation Property

Retirees Turning to Custom Homes to Get The Right Space | RISMedia’s Housecall

I’m in the same boat now, the family home is just too big, but I want to keep so many of my “things” just a bit longer. Love the idea of buying some land and then building 8 or 10 “retirement sized” patio homes on it. Rent or sell some for income to last a (reduced) lifetime. Tell me your thoughts on a retirement paradise. – Marcella Retirees Turning to Custom Homes to Get

Vacation Rental Business Makes having that Second Home Profitable

Vacation Homes are HOT Highlights from the 2017 National Assn. of Real Estate Editors Conference Vacation Homes & Resorts Symposium moderated by Candace Evans, Panelists included Kris Harman, Woodbine Development Corporation and Mike Leipart, The Agency Evans: NAR came out with their (2017 Investment & Vacation Home Buyer’s) survey and they showed that vacation home sales are still pretty normal…but the investment home side of that rose actually 4.5 percent to 1.14 million investment homes bought. We’re calling it the “Airbnb effect” because

7 Bathroom Design Trends That Home Buyers Hate |®

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a lime-green, laminate horror show to turn off buyers. These dated design trends could actually cost you a sale. 7 Bathroom Design Trends Home Buyers Want to Flush Away By Jennifer Geddes | Apr 19, 2017 Homeowners love their bathrooms. We totally get it—you spend a decent amount of time in there, and you want it to be the ultimate Zen oasis. And since potential buyers want that, too,

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Trusted Guide Who’ll Help You Find a Home By Liz Alterman | Sep 13, 2016 Ready to house hunt? It’s a jungle out there: Prepare for a flurry of paperwork, stampedes of buyers competing for the same digs, and other challenges before you get your hands on those house keys. We won’t lie: The process can be complex and stressful—which is why having a pro by your side can make all the difference. You might have heard