6 Survival Tips for Moving Your Elderly Loved Ones

6 Survival Tips You Can Use for Moving Your Elderly Loved Ones Whether moving your senior loved one across the country into a new home, or moving parents into an active adult community, the process can be challenging. Many scenarios require the need to move a senior from their own home, and their adult children will want to ensure the transition goes smoothly, tending to their health, finances and logistics. These six tips can

Tax Win: IRS Provides Clear Test on How 20% Deduction Applies to Rental Income, Exchanges

A Win for Real Estate on Taxes Eligibility for Rental Income and 1031 Exchanges The Internal Revenue Service has issued final rules on the 20 percent business income deduction (Sec. 199A of the Tax Code) that was enacted in late 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Among other things, the rules confirm that the deduction applies to your business income, as a real estate agent or broker, if you operate as a


Planning a move to the Sonoran Desert or Arizona’s High Deserts? Here is what you’ll want to know about the Arizona Climate. ARIZONA CLIMATE AND FUN FACTS TOPOGRAPHIC FEATURES Arizona covers 113,909 square miles, and has about 350 square miles of water surface. The Arizona climate variation have three main topographical areas: A high plateau in the northwest averaging between 4,000 and 6,000 feet in elevation A mountainous region oriented southeast to northwest with maximum

Interesting Facts About the Sonoran Desert

Planning a Move to Arizona? Here are interesting facts about the life in the Sonoran Desert, enjoy! How big is the Sonoran Desert? Pretty big. The Sonoran desert spans parts of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. It is the wettest, hottest, and most bio diverse desert in North America, where it occurs naturally in the states of California and Arizona in the USA, and Baja California, Sinaloa and Sonora in Mexico. The Sonoran