Find Your Perfect Arizona Home

Step 3   Find Your Perfect Home

With your Pre-Qual in hand you are ready to shop for a home

More than just a spot on the map, your home is your sanctuary. Where you live. Enjoy your family. Entertain your friends. Relax, and rest your head at night. Since so much of your life is spent in your home, choosing the right place is important.

Most people will buy 3 to 5 homes in their life time, while your Sonoran Sky Realtor helps people buy and sell homes day in and day out. We’ve seen a lot and can spot many potentially problematic areas the average buyer may not recognize. We’ll provide you with valuable insights and information so you can make informed decisions when buying a home.

Start by considering your priorities and creating a list of features you want in a home

Think location, price, current and future needs. Is your family growing or shrinking? Will mom and dad need a space in the future? Is living in a trending, downtown neighborhood more important than a 4th bedroom?

Be a realistic buyer. It’s important to be flexible and open-minded when looking at homes; you may even need to re-prioritize your wish-list when searching areas you love. Finding a home that needs a few updates but has the perfect floor plan and is in your ideal neighborhood might be more realistic than the beautiful home you saw that's a 45 minute drive to work.

When judging a home and area:

  • Visit the neighborhood during the day and evening
  • Talk to neighbors about the community and any HOA
  • Talk to HOA board members about issues, assessments, the HOAs finances, etc
  • Use the Arizona Buyer’s Advisory to investigate the neighborhood and community
  • Check into potential zoning issues/changes
  • Calculate your drive time for work and/or other places you visit
  • Check-out nearby schools, parks, restaurants, the walkability score, etc
  • Decide if the area truly fits your lifestyle

Once we understand your wants and needs we’ll help you comb the market, searching for your ideal home. We’ll setup home tours, attend open houses with you, dig up market information, help you locate pertinent data and facts about the area and property and help you look for hinderances that could effect resale value - basically be your guide and consultant on anything and everything you indicate is important to you.

Note: When viewing homes, know that many Sellers will have video and audio cameras in place so they can keep an eye on their property and maybe even get an edge on your thoughts about the home. So always be respectful in someones home and let's wait until we are outside to discuss its qualities.

Here are a few Points of Etiquette when viewing a Seller’s home.

Let’s go shopping!


Step 4: Negotiate the Price and Terms


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