Steps we'll walk you through to create a winning offer

Step 4   Negotiating the Offer

Rest assured, your Sonoran Sky Real Estate agent is highly skilled at pricing homes and negotiating your best deal. We are knowledgable area experts, and eager to help you get the perfect home with the best possible terms. We are your home buying advocate and will work hard to make you our newest fan.

Every market is different, in a Buyer’s market you have quite a bit of leeway and can ask for more than in a Seller’s market. Coming up with the perfect offer is key to winning the deal.

A winning offer involves more than just the price

Your Sonoran Sky Realtor® will guide you through the intricacies of the current housing market to make an offer that suits your needs and budget while still being highly competitive and appealing to the Seller.

We will help you understand pertinent  information like:

  • Comparable home sales
  • Current market conditions
  • Days on market
  • History of previous offers/sales
  • Competition from other Buyers
  • Obvious repairs and renovations needed
  • Making an offer an appraiser will qualify
  • Concessions and closing costs
  • Creating the most appealing offers

We’ll develop a strategy to present your offer and negotiate to win.

Although we work hard to get your offer accepted sometimes a Seller has unrealistic expectations or, in a really hot Seller's market, multiple offers so even the best you can do is not enough to win the home. At that point, your best bet may be to walk way rather than be upside down winning. But keep the faith, the right home will be there for you.


Step 5: Your Offer was accepted! What's Next?


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