The Arizona Department of Real Estate Buyer’s Advisory

Read the Arizona Buyers Advisory before you purchase a home.

The Arizona Buyer’s Advisory is designed to make the purchase of a real property as smooth as possible. Some of the more common issues that a buyer may decide to investigate or verify concerning a property purchase are summarized in this Advisory.

Included in this Advisory are:

  1. Common documents a buyer should review;
  2. Physical conditions in the property the buyer should investigate;
  3. Conditions affecting the surrounding area that the buyer should investigate.

In addition, a buyer must communicate to the real estate agents in the transaction any special concerns the buyer may have about the property or surrounding area, whether or not those issues are addressed in this Advisory.

In the Advisory you can read a sample purchase contract

Review the Property Buyer’s Check List to understate CC&R

Understand the issues or some areas that have problem soils

And learn lots more!